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On the first day of Christmas our Branch came to see…..

A brand new appointed Trustee!

“Trustees are the backbone of every charity, and are always at the forefront of the governance and strategic direction that the charity takes.
We are very fortunate to have such a supportive, united and passionate board of Trustees at the RSPCA Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk Branch, who work closely with myself and the operations team to ensure that our charitable objectives are delivered, helping improve the lives of animals and their owners.
As the CEO of a growing charity, I am very lucky to work so closely with a professional Board of Trustees who bring a broad set of skills to their Trustee roles. I value their support and guidance immensely, and through our cohesive working practices, I am confident that the Branch will continue to flourish and provide outstanding animal welfare in the years to come.”

Gregory Brown, CEO

We are very lucky to have a new addition to our Trustee Board! Amanda was appointed in October and is settling in really well. We all had a lovely day getting to know her during her Branch induction however below are some questions we asked her about the application process.

Why did you want to be a Trustee?

I have been passionate about animal welfare since childhood. I retired recently after 30 years as a solicitor and I hope that I can combine my professional experience, previous volunteering experience and my love for animals in my role as a trustee.

What made you pick the RSPCA Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk Branch?

I was very impressed by the website which gave me a good understanding of the Branch, its people and the great work it does.

How did you find the applications process?

I applied using the straight forward form provided on the website and this was followed up by an interview with the Branch CEO and Trustees. The interview confirmed to me that I very much wanted to join the branch and, thankfully, they agreed!

How did you find the induction process?

I spent a really interesting day meeting members of the team at the Branch. I was very impressed with their professionalism and enthusiasm. It gave me a great insight into their roles and the excellent work the Branch does.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself 

I have a rescue greyhound called Scruff (who, despite his name is a very handsome gentleman) and a mad cocker spaniel called Monty, his tennis ball never leaves him!

Have you considered becoming a Trustee?

For me being a trustee is about learning from peers who are passionate and enthusiastic about our cause. I am fortunate to work with fabulous colleagues, both trustees and staff, who are prepared to stand up and put forward their ideas about how we can make a difference. It’s so refreshing to debate these and not be hamstrung by doing more of the same but more effectively. It’s that desire to strive to be out of the ordinary that gives me a buzz. We do have plenty of governance to consider as Trustees, but where we shine is looking at how we can move the branch to better things. A good board of trustees does need a mix of skills and professionals, although some of our best ideas come from those who aren’t formally trained. Having a mix of trustees is so important. Enthusiasm for the cause and being prepared to communicate your ideas are attributes that I value from others. No potential trustee should feel they don’t have the skills, training & support can be provided. Passion can’t.

Stephen Read, Treasurer
EmmaOn the first day of Christmas our Branch came to see…..