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Hi, my name is Emma and I am the Customer & Volunteering Services Officer (CVSO) for the Branch. I am here to introduce you to our new blog series ‘Get to know your local Branch’. In the coming months, you will hear from staff from all departments and gain some behind the scenes info. We all hope you enjoy our blogs and we are really excited to be sharing these with you! 

As the CVSO in the Central Services Team, I get to assist all departments of the Branch. It is such a varied role, one that just gets more interesting every day and is forever developing! 

So what is Central Services?

The Central Services Team keeps the Branch going by looking after the administration, customer services, IT, communications and governance. We tend to be the first point of contact for most of our customers and we do a lot of the niggly bits behind the scenes! There are four of us in this department, one being our CEO Greg.

Before this role, I spent around 10 years working in Animal Welfare (mostly Equine), directly caring for and rehabilitating rescued animals. I have come to realise just how important every single department is and how crucial they all are in running an Animal Welfare organisation. I still feel I do as much for animals in need as I did before I joined the Branch and feel very lucky to be in this role!


I manage the recruitment of volunteers and welcome them with a Branch induction and volunteer pack before they start their training with their role managers. Once our volunteers are in their role, I will continue to be available for a chat or to provided any info if required. I also support their role managers, mostly with admin related tasks, training or with any issues that may arise. This part of my role has been put on hold during the pandemic as we are unable to recruit new volunteers due to current restrictions.

I also manage our lovely receptionist Jamie, who responds to many calls and emails daily, sombeing extremely tough to deal with. Together, Jamie and I manage the secure, confidential customer service database and are now looking at ways to gain customer feedback so we can keep improving our services. 

If you have used any of our services such as applied for a neutering voucher, adopted an animal, had a chat with Jamie or even just used our website, we would love to know what you thought of your experience. You can email us at

Another part of my role is creating designs for the Branch, such as posters, training videos, some social media posts and blogs for the website. When I first started, one of my first jobs was to design and create a volunteer induction pack, which is now being given to every new volunteer. I also write the newsletter which is fun; it’s nice to share our news, success stories and the hard work the Branch does for animals in need!

Click here to read our latest newsletter!

I also help to write and keep policies and procedures up to date and wrote the Volunteer and Safeguarding policies. I also provide staff with training in topics such as Safeguarding and chase them around the office asking them if they are up to date with all of their e-learning! Ok, I don’t chase them exactly, that would be against Health & Safety and most of them are faster than me!

So there is just a very small snippet of some of the things I do. I have a few exciting projects coming up which I am looking forward to so watch this space!

I also foster for the Branch and so far I have fostered two dogs, Tinks and Ollie. Tinks stars in the ‘Working from home with my foster friends‘ blog, she is so funny! I have also fostered two kittens, Polly and Salty Darling. They are all in their forever home now which is fantastic! Actually, Salty stayed with me, I officially adopted him because we have such a strong bond. I fostered him longer than usual because of the first lockdown; you may have read his story ‘My Rescue Story by Salty Darling’. Fostering is very rewarding, it can be sad when the animals leave however our aim is for these animals to find their forever home, a safe secure home that they deserve. If I can temporarily house them and even help with their rehabilitation before that happens then I am very lucky!

If this sounds like something you would like to do, do get in touch once we are recruiting for volunteers again. I will ensure to keep you all updated and will let you know as soon as we are able to accept applications! We also have other roles too such as in our Shops and our eBay store. Updates will be in our newsletters, you can sign up here so you don’t miss out!



So there was my introduction! Although only a very brief description of what my role involves. There will be more blogs coming soon from the rest of Central, Animal Welfare, Retail and Education.

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Thank you and have a great week!

Emma x

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