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Central Services- Reception

Hello, my name is Jamie and I am the Receptionist for the Branch. If you have called or written to us since September 2019, then chances are you have spoken with me! Read on for more about me and my role in the Central Services Team; a day on Reception!

My role is a vast one where every day presents its own challenges, especially since Covid and working from home. You may have seen a blog I had previously written last year about my continued experience of working from home due to the pandemic.

I receive and deal with enquiries via phone, email or post. Subjects include but are not limited to; Adoption of our animals, rehoming enquiries, sign posting to the National RSPCA (they deal with animal emergencies), financial aid assistance enquiries for local pet owners and neutering voucher enquiries.

Other enquiries that I deal with include; lost and found animals, volunteering, donations, education, wildlife, social campaigns, Branch membership and other general queries and advice. Our Branch covers the Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk area, so I get to speak to and hopefully help a wide variety of people and animals.

I also respond to legacy donation letters and to those of you who write to us with your donations. I process donations and I am on the front line of admin, assisting the Central Services Team with ideas, designs and collecting feedback / statistics. This role requires a lot of concentration and it is very hard work, but the satisfaction comes from helping animals and people in conjunction with one other, something which has always been close to my heart.

When I am not taking your enquiries, I enjoy meditation and relaxing with my partner which is normally accompanied by our trusty cat, Vinnie. We adopted Vinnie from the Branch last year.

Apart from my healthy obsession with animals, I am passionate about music and all things creative in general. I play guitar in a progressive band and have been playing and producing music for roughly 14 years.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about what I do and a bit about who I am behind the voice on the phone! I extend my gratitude to all those who share our passion for animal welfare and continue to support us.

Until next time please take care of yourself and each other, if you have a pet please give them a cuddle or pet from me! – Jamie

Madeleine HallCentral Services- Reception