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Cats and their collars

Cats and their collars. Read on for some advice form our Animal Welfare Manager, Chloe.

Cats, they love to roam and play! But did you know there’s some important but simple safety checks you should do before letting your cat out? 

Collaring a cat is a popular method of identification as it’s quick and easy to read to see if a cat is owned; but did you know collars on cats can pose a risk to their health and ultimately their life?

Cats are naturally curious animals who like to squeeze through bushes, balance precariously on fences and normally find themselves up to some mischief. On occasion, our cats can be clumsy (I talk from experience and several broken household objects!) so if you plan to collar a cat, please use a safety break collar. These collars break away if your feline friend gets snagged or caught on an object or likewise around a part of their body. Pictured is Ron in his breakaway collar.

If the collar breaks, replace it, do not tie it back together and make sure to do your research before buying. I would also urge all cat owners to microchip their pet. It’s an effective and safe way of keeping track of your cat and something we as a Branch, can help you with. 

I was recently called to a cat who had a buckle collar on which had snagged under her armpit and caused a horrific wound. She wouldn’t let anyone near her and sadly by the time someone noticed her and we were called, it was already too late. The damage caused by the collar resulted in an infected wound and the poor girl died of septicaemia. This story could have had a happier ending had she had a safety collar on instead as it would have detached when it snagged leaving her free to return to home. Collarless but safe.

It was a very sad experience and heart-breaking to see and one I sincerely hope not to repeat.

If you are planning on buying a collar, please choose safety over style. 

EmmaCats and their collars