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Bonfire Awareness Competition Winners

Thank you so much to those who entered our Bonfire Awareness Competition! We wanted to highlight to people the dangers of bonfires to wildlife so asked you to create some art showing a bonfire or fireworks and the dangers this can pose to wildlife who often use prepared bonfires as their home. We’ve loved looking through your submissions and are delighted to announce our winners!

A huge congratulations to Olly Mitchell, Holly Steward and Oliver Murray, you have won a certificate and bundle of RSPCA merchandise! Check out their fantastic entries below.

It’s so important when lighting bonfires and setting off fireworks that you #watchoutforwildlife and act safely. For more information and ways you can help your pets and wildlife this bonfire season, please click on this link.


Olly Mitchell Entry

Holly Steward Entry

Oliver Murray Entry

AnnaBonfire Awareness Competition Winners