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We are working together

We are delighted to announce that we are coming together with Age UK Norwich in a brand new fostering scheme! This is a great partnership and it will not only help animals in need, it will also help people in our local community.

Animal fostering is an important and rewarding volunteer role. It helps to play a vital part in the rehabilitation of animals and helps improve their chance of finding a new home. Many animals that we take in have may have been strays or are not used to the care and affection that they deserve. Living with a foster family helps to provide them with one-to-one care, allowing them to build up their confidence and get used to a normal lifestyle. Some animals don’t cope well in a kennel or cattery environment, or need to remain in our care for a slightly longer period of time due to medical issues.

We want to ensure our animals are as healthy as can be before they find their forever home, or at least get used to their new medications if they have to be on them permanently. This is where we need fosterers to take them in to provide them with a real home, even if it is only on a temporary basis.

We are delighted to be partnering with Age UK Norwich on this very worthwhile and important project. Not only will the animals in our care receive the extra special love and attention that a fosterer brings, but the fosterer will also benefit from the rewarding, active and healthy lifestyle that caring for an animal can bring”

Gregory Brown, CEO RSPCA Mid Norfolk & North Suffolk

No two days are the same here at the Branch and although we require foster homes for dogs and cats, we are also looking for foster homes for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals.

Whether it is a dog, cat or even a little mouse, caring for an animal is proven to have a positive impact on mental well-being, and just as important are the benefits for our physical wellbeing. Older people that take care of an animal can expect a boost to the immune system, along with the regular exercise that can improve our mobility and fitness. Animals can be great company and taking the time to aid their rehabilitation so they can find their forever home is extremely rewarding.

If you are an Age UK Norwich service user, please remember to tick the box on the application form when you apply!

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